Meet Adilson dos Santos

Adilson dos Santos is 23 years old, married with Anna for 2 years, and they have one son, little Alan. He started to go to the coffee plantations with his father when he was 9 years old, there he observed the harvesting processes. At that time it was more like fun to go and see it until he turned 13, then he and his father acquired a land and they started sharing 50-50. This land used to be a banana plantation, and they had to prepare the soil for the coffee plants which took a while to work on it. And from there they planted 5.000 coffee trees, after the 3rd year they had their first harvest, which made his parents and him very happy. And also they are very grateful to have this land as their main income. After 5 years when the specialty coffee started in this region, he had to change the ways of looking after the coffee pre- and post harvest in order to make a great quality coffee and this is their goal to always move forward and try to improve their methods and ideas towards specialty coffee.

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