Nicaragua Flor Silvestre AA Washed

Only optimal ripe cherries are picked, depulped and then put into fermentation tanks for about 14-20 hours depending on how rainy or sunny it is. It then goes to the washing channel where it is soaked with clean water until it is 100% clean. Immediately after, the wet parchment goes to Beneficio La Guadalupana in Ocotal to dry on raised beds and 100% shaded. The drying process takes about 12-18 days depending on the weather.

FARM Flor Silvestre 
REGION Nueva Segovia
VARIETY Caturra, Catuai
ALTITUDE 1300 – 1700 masl
PROCESS washed
THE CUP dark chocolate, raspberry, passion fruit
HARVEST November – March

Coffee is roasted in omni roast profile

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